New trump cards for blood analysis

DPS cards – a new method of collecting and analyzing blood

Many diseases these days can be diagnosed by analyzing blood samples. These methods, which are often very complex, place high demands on sample preparation. But in rural or underdeveloped areas in particular, these high requirements often cannot be met. 

Here it is important to obtain blood samples even under the most basic conditions, which lead to meaningful and reliable results in the laboratory. A challenge the blood plasma separation cards from Telimmune fulfill today.

The Smart Choice in Consumables

For over 140 years, Shimadzu has continued to be your trusted partner by providing leading-edge analytical instruments. Now, we further support your success through borderless delivery of the high quality consumable products that solve everyday challenges. All this is for the pursuit of our corporate proposition to provide “Excellence in Science” solutions.

No need for skepticism

New Shim-pack Scepter columns for LC/LCMS
are robust and extremely pH-stable

The new Shim-pack Scepter columns with hybrid materials combine the advantages of silica- and polymer-based columns: they are efficient, pressure-stable and tolerate broad pH ranges. They are also available as metal-free versions for sensitive LC/MS measurements of biological samples or chelating substances.

Metal-free for better results – inert LC columns

New solution for the analysis of critical components

Analysis of PAH

with Shim-C18-PAH

Shim-C18-PAH is a column specially designed for the challenging PAH analysis. Shim-C18-PAH delivers perfect resolution and fast analysis for all used PAHs.

Shimadzu Solvent Caps

hermetically seal all laboratory bottles with GL45  thread and ensure safe inflow and outflow of HPLC solvents  via capillaries with OD-ø 3.2 mm

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New bioinert Scepter Series

Scepter Claris

Shim-pack Scepter Claris features a column body with a newly-developed bioinert coating packed with Scepter series stationary phases.

  • Bioinert coating is applied to the column body and stainless steel frit
  • Ideal for analysis of metal-coordinating and hydrophobically adsorbing compounds such as nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids
  • Outstanding pH and lifetime stability due to Scepter organic silica hybrid packing

Original Shimadzu vials and caps

Quality vials and caps,
for the perfect interaction of Shimadzu instruments and accessories.

Shimadzu offers a broad range of vials and caps. You can either assemble your set of vials and caps according to your own wishes or choose from pre-assembled kits. Choose from 0.3 ml Micro-Vials up to 125 ml bottles.